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    Novel Data on BellaSeno’s Biodegradable Breast Implants to Be Presented at Upcoming Plastic Surgery Conference

    - Two presentations by co-founder DProf. Dietmar Hutmacher at the 50th Annual Conference of the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (DGPRÄC)
    - Recent publication in scientific journal Additive Manufacturing

    Leipzig, Germany, September 19, 2019 - BellaSeno GmbH, a company developing absorbable implants using additive manufacturing technologies, today announced that its co-founder Dietmar W. Hutmacher will introduce BellaSeno’s novel approach for breast reconstruction using 3-D-printed scaffolds during the 50th Annual Conference of the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (DGPRÄC) in Hamburg, Germany. Dietmar W. Hutmacher is Distinguished Professor (DProf.) and Chair in Regenerative Medicine at the Science and Engineering Faculty of Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia). He will present the technology and novel data together with Dr. Tim S. Sebastian Peltz, plastic surgeon at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia). BellaSeno holds the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize absorbable breast implants based on the pioneering technology developed by DProf. Hutmacher and his team.

    The first presentation titled "Rethinking the approach to reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery: a novel implant generation based on 3-D printed scaffolds“ (“Ein Umdenken in der Vorgehensweise bei der rekonstruktiven und ästhetischen Brustchirurgie: Eine neue Implantatgeneration, basierend auf 3-D gedruckte Gerüstträger“ will be held in German during the session A1 Update Brustimplantate (update breast implants) on Thursday, September 26, 2019, from 5:15pm to 6.45pm.

    The second presentation titled "3D analysis of breast augmentation: The dilemma ‚round vs. anatomical implants’ objectively examined" (“3D Untersuchungen bei Brustaugmentationen: Das Dilemma ‚runde vs. anatomische Implantate‘ objektiv nachgeforscht") will be held in German during session A3 Nachhaltigkeit in der Mammachirurgie (sustainability in mamma surgery) on Friday, September 27, 11am to 12:30pm.

    In addition, DProf. Hutmacher and his interdisciplinary team recently published an overview on “Additive biomanufacturing of scaffolds for breast reconstruction” in the journal Additive manufacturing (Vol. 30, Dec. 2019, published online ahead of printing,

    BellaSeno’s first product, Senella®, is a patented, porous, absorbable scaffold which is expected to provide a significant improvement of the quality of life of breast reconstruction and augmentation patients around the world. The Company was founded on the hypothesis that it has the potential to disrupt the current breast surgery markets, which at present are dominated by silicone implants. A first clinical trial is scheduled to start in Q4/2019 in Germany.


    About BellaSeno

    BellaSeno GmbH was founded in 2015 and is located on the BioCity campus in Leipzig, Germany. The Company is developing novel absorbable breast implants made by additive manufacturing (3D-printing). The Company has received substantial financial support from private investors as well as from the Saxony Development Bank (SAB) and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE). The company is thereby co-funded from tax resources based on the budget adopted by the members of Saxon State Parliament.

    About Senella®

    Senella® is a patented porous scaffold made of absorbable Polycaprolactone (PCL) containing highly-specialised topological and design features, which act as recipients for injected fat tissue isolated with a standard liposuction procedure. The implant is designed to get absorbed over a span of two years and to provide a stable platform for the injected fat tissue to mature, adapt to its environment and stabilize. The clinical end result is a natural breast – without remnants of foreign material and thus has the potential to alleviate the complications found in current breast reconstruction and augmentation approaches.

    Contact BellaSeno
    BellaSeno GmbH
    Dr. Simon Champ
    simon.champ@bellaseno. com
    Tel.: +49 176 8033 7273

    Media Inquiries
    Dr. Ludger Wess / Ines-Regina Buth
    Managing Partners
    Tel. +49 40 88 16 59 64
    Tel. +49 30 23 63 27 68

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